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First Freshener (female)

100% New Zealand Registered
KikoFirst Freshener (female)Light Tan | NKR# N21F2104GFS53 yrs


Buck (male)

100% New Zealand Buck
KikoBuck (male)Brown/Black Stripe, White Face | NKR# N19M0227OKD64 yrs

Cherokee is a laid back boy who does not get aggressive during rut. He is kind to his ladies and reproduces himself in color and size....


Doe (female)

KikoDoe (female)Light Blue | NKR# N22F0115SFFL02 yrs

100% New Zealand...

100% New Zealand Kiko Goat
KikoDoe (female)Brown w/white side | NKR# N22F0214SFFL12 yrs

100% New Zealand Goat
KikoDoe (female)White | NKR# N22F0209SFFL02 yrs