Good Time Ridge Farm

Alpacas - Thief of Hearts


About Us

My husband Harald and I have been married for close to 20 years and both wanted land in the country and to someday retire there. In 1986 we purchased 10 acres of land in West Virginia and thought in 15 – 20 years we would start building. Well as you can see in the pictures we have done all of the building and have started getting ready for the alpacas. We have obtained an additional 20 acres and have cleared about 9 acres for the animals.

Harald is a master electrician and electrical engineer and is the owner of a commercial electrical contracting company, and I am an office administrator for a four-station fire department. I have always wanted to work with animals but never in my wildest dream would I have thought it would be alpacas.

How We Got Started

My niece Samantha was living with us and while driving in West Virginia one day she saw a sign that said “Alpaca Farm Store Open.” Samantha wanted to stop to see what the store had. We started looking at the animals and one of the alpaca came up behind me and laid his head on my shoulder and I pet him while we talked. A couple of weeks later I went back to the farm and the same alpaca came up to me and wanted attention. I fell in love with Kodi and had to have him. That is where we got the saying “Alpaca – Thief of Hearts.” Kodi stole mine.  The farm owner said it was the first time she had to build a package around a gelding. Kodi was placed in a package with an intact male and 2 females, that was June 2008 and now, in November 2008 I have 15 alpacas and co-own 3 with the farm I purchased my original package from. Kodi is still my #1 boy. If I walk or pay attention to any other of the animals he will get upset and spit on them, and he will only take treats from me. Is that what spoiled means? 

Updated August 08, 2014